Family Financial Resources

Family Financial Resources Case Study

Martin & Ann
63 and 50 years old
Executive and Homemaker

Key Concerns: Having enough assets to maintain their lifestyle, ensuring that Ann is financially secure, and transferring wealth to their children.


For the past two decades Martin has been CEO for a successful construction business. Ann worked in the medical field, but has since been a stay-at-home mom raising their four children (ages 12 through 20). Martin and Ann have carefully saved over $10M in liquid assets, not including their stock in the construction business. Given their age difference, Martin’s primary concern is making sure that Ann is financially secure for the rest of her life. Because Martin has always handled their financial matters, it is important to him that Ann is comfortable with their financial advisor and builds a trusting relationship with them.

A core belief at Versant is that our clients are engaged in and educated on their financial landscape. We truly get to know you to build strong relationships with your spouse or partner – you are treated like family. We encourage both you and your spouse or partner to participate in all meetings and discussions. We know it’s important that you understand our recommendations and are always comfortable with the decisions we make together. Our warm and welcoming environment encourages clients like Ann to participate in their financial matters. Over time, this partnership results in long term relationships that are built on familiarity, sensitivity, and an awareness of your needs.

To provide you with the comfort that your hard earned financial assets are secure, Versant conducts ongoing reviews of your financial and risk profiles, including property and casualty insurance, life insurance, disability insurance, and long-term care insurance. For Martin and Ann, this is significant, given the ages of their children. Martin is the sole wage earner, so it is important that there is adequate life insurance to replace his salary, if necessary. It is also essential to have life insurance for Ann because if something were to happen to her, Martin would need adequate funds to provide care for the children. And with teenage drivers, it’s imperative to have sufficient property and casualty insurance to protect one’s net worth in the event of a serious accident.

We also assist in evaluating your ability to transfer assets (such as company stock) to your children and/or a non-profit organization. We coordinate with your tax and legal advisors to ensure all transfers are completed in an efficient manner and fit with your overall goals and objectives. Versant provides administrative and compliance support so that all matters are properly and efficiently addressed. This lifts a huge burden off your shoulders and allows you to focus on what’s truly important to you.

This case study is fictional and merely presented as an example of the type of services provided by Versant. The case study presented is not indicative of any investment recommendations and should not be interpreted as a testimonial by any client. You should not assume that the results are typical or that you will have the same results.