Same-Sex Couples

Same-Sex Couples Case Study

Javier & Robert
58 and 55 years old
Javier is a retired CEO
Robert is a retired schoolteacher

Javier and Robert were legally married in California more than ten years ago, however, they reside in Arizona and are Arizona residents for tax purposes. Arizona did not recognize same-sex marriage until recently. Javier and Robert needed to know what to do about their financial and retirement planning in light of the status change arising from the 2013 Supreme Court decision.

 Key Concerns: Navigating the frustratingly complicated financial situations that gay and lesbian couples face. This includes retirement and tax planning, succession planning, beneficiary designation, interstate succession, spousal or survivor benefits, healthcare directives, parentage, inheritance rights, estate taxes, protecting federal and state benefits (social security, pensions, etc.), revamping estate planning documents, and combining assets.

Versant is well-versed in serving same-sex couples by providing you with the right information and advice regarding your available federal and state benefits, the use of estate planning and planned giving strategies, unique concerns arising from State of Celebration vs. State of Residence, and collaborating with CPAs and estate planning attorneys to provide comprehensive planning. We provide objective counsel and work in a partnership relationship with gay and lesbian couples to ensure that you make an informed, suitable plan. Versant also monitors the plan with you to stay on course and if adjustments need to be made.

This case study is fictional and merely presented as an example of the type of services provided by Versant. The case study presented is not indicative of any investment recommendations and should not be interpreted as a testimonial by any client. You should not assume that the results are typical or that you will have the same results.