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celebrity estate plan documents

Celebrities – Estate Planning Mistakes We All Make

Celebrities are no different from the rest of us. No one wants to talk

Don’t go it alone

Don’t go it alone Why working with a financial advisor is key to your

The question that’s much more important than tax reform

Questions about tax reform are on everyone’s minds recently, but there are even more

How much money should you bet on the favorite?

Randomness and luck affect your investments more than you think. How to make peace
Ducks in a Row

Ducks in a Row

The age of retirement was on her horizon, but Penny first needed to figure

Greed has a drinking problem

Why you might be taking on more investment risk than you should Mitchell Barr,

REAL ID: What happened at my appointment

In an effort to beat the 2020 rush to the MVD, I decided to

Flying and the REAL ID (aka Voluntary Travel ID)

Lisa Greve, Marketing & Administrative Manager Have you noticed these signs at the airport? Passed
Life Transitions Case Study

Phoenix Financial Planning

Phoenix Financial Planning George and Karen 69 and 65 years old Retired In their

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