Gina Guerrero

Portfolio Associate

I joined the operations team at Versant Capital Management in 2022 as a portfolio associate. My more than 20+ years in the financial industry have led to vast experience with banking, mortgage lending, and wealth management services. I’ve learned a lot over the years, and there’s still so much more to know! I am curious and a helper by nature and those traits help me deliver outstanding experiences and services for our clients.

As a portfolio associate, I am responsible for the set-up, quality control, and maintenance of client accounts, compilation and completion of client, custodian, and firm paperwork, and the review and maintenance of client transactions and activity. Along with others on the ops team, I take care of asset transfers, report preparation, and general support of portfolio and investment strategies.

Before joining Versant Capital Management, I was in client services for locally registered investment advisory firms, including Integrated Wealth Management and United Capital Financial Advisors. Working at Charles Schwab for eight years prior to that, helped hone my client service and research skills. I enjoy communicating with people as well as building relationships. I find it rewarding to be a part of an organization that can help people reach their financial goals.

Spending time with my son is my top priority. I can also be found attending festivals with family and friends, celebrating different cultures. Coming from a diverse background myself, I enjoy learning about people and what inspires them.