Versant Capital Management, Inc. Earns Top 11 Ranking

Versant Capital Management, Inc. Earns Top 11 Ranking


Versant Capital Management, a Phoenix-based investment advisor and wealth management firm, was recently ranked by AdvisoryHQ on its 2017 list of the top 11 financial advisors in Phoenix and Scottsdale.

AdvisoryHQ conducts extensive research to identify and rank the best banks, investment and financial advisors, online brokerages, credit and lending providers and a wide range of financial-related products, firms and services. Rankings are done in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia, and are published on the AdvisoryHQ website.

Through a four-step methodology, AdvisoryHQ selects qualifying firms, focusing on a firm’s service offerings and key differentiators rather than fees generation, size or assets under management. AdvisoryHQ receives no compensation for its rankings.

Some of the key factors that enabled Versant Capital Management, Inc. to rank as a top 2017 wealth advisor according to the AdvisoryHQ website included that the firm is compensated only by clients, accepting no other commissions or referral charges for product sales, its philanthropic giving to the community, direct client access to the Chief Investment Officer, a strong emphasis on building multi-generational relationships with clients, and collaborating and coordinating the firm’s services with those of other professionals.

ABOUT Versant Capital Management, Inc.

Versant Capital Management, Inc. provides customized wealth management services for high net worth clients, including individuals, families and their related entities, trusts, corporate pension and profit sharing plans, closely held businesses, not-for-profit organizations, and other tax exempt entities, with a focus on multi-generational and next-generation education. For more information or to view the firm’s disclosures, go to


The AdvisoryHQ award recognizes Versant Capital Management, Inc. as a 2017 Top 11 Financial Advisor in Phoenix and Scottsdale AZ (“AdvisoryHQ Award”). This award was based upon an independent analysis of multiple criteria of the Firm. For specific details about AdvisoryHQ’s methodology for this recognition, click on the following link: Versant Capital Management, Inc. did not pay or provide any compensation in connection with the AdvisoryHQ award. The AdvisoryHQ award should not be construed as an endorsement of the firm’s advisory services. Third party rankings and recognition from rating services are no guarantee of future investment success